Spanning wide-ranging use types and projects, our expertise is unparalleled. 

Whether a short assessment or continuous management support, our solutions are tailored to meet your immediate needs and long term objectives. We always bring the right combination of people and technology to ensure cost efficiency and results.


Our experienced professional team provides effective leadership, intense attention to detail and a valued partnership you can count on throughout the life of your project, regardless of size and scope.


AtSite Solutions provides comprehensive management consulting. Our team possesses the experience to provide real-world, cost-effective solutions to the everyday challenges that owners, facilities executives and real estate portfolio managers face daily. From Development and Project Management  to Building Modernization and Facilities and Property Management, we assist our clients in coordinating and managing the processes to mitigate complex problems and risk. We develop our team members based on client needs and project requirements, providing the best leadership and most effective and cost-efficient solutions.

Development and Project Management Services

AtSite has the knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive management of client projects, acting as the owner’s representative from concept to completion. Drawing upon our experience with a diverse client base and a wide range of project types, we offer a valuable perspective and an innovative management approach to the delivery of building and interior projects.

Areas of focus for Development and Project Management:

Contract Risk Analysis, constructability Review, Value Engineering, Cost Management, Architect/engineer Selection, Schedule Oversight, CPM Scheduling, Quality Assurance and Control

Building Modernization

Most commercial, industrial, and retail buildings today use some level of intelligent system, most commonly in lighting, HVAC, or security. Because the technology is advancing so rapidly, it’s now possible to collect more data and use it to accomplish many more tasks. AtSite’s modernization services have impacted billions of square feet in nearly all types of real estate. Our solutions focus on creating strategy and guiding the implementation of the technologies that drive Smart Buildings and modern real estate portfolios.

Areas of focus for Building Modernization:

Strategy and Use Case Selection, Design/Implementation Guidance, Construction Administration and Commissioning, Building Systems Guidance, Predictive Maintenance Guidance

Integrated Facilities and Property Management

We develop comprehensive organizational concepts for facilities management across real estate portfolios and execute bespoke solutions for various organization types. AtSite Solutions teams are comprised of multi-disciplined, connected teams of facilities and real estate professionals that partner with on-site teams to deliver fully integrated solutions. Our teams carry out detailed analysis of the real estate-specific processes within companies. Decisions are made using benchmarking practices and analysis of economic efficiency. Our teams use smart, tech-driven solutions that increase efficiency and strengthen decision making.

Areas of focus for Integrated Facilities and Property Management:

Technical Facilities Management Guidance, Property Management, Vendor Management, Asset Strategies, Space Planning, Tenant Solutions, CMMS Implementation and Operational Guidance

Energy and Sustainability

Whether you need to meet environmental mandates, reduce energy consumption and costs or address stakeholder concerns, AtSite Solutions can guide you through the process and ensure you are leveraging deep insights while making key energy and sustainability decisions.

Our professional team advise you on the best approach and the best technology to comply with regulations and directives, while creating real energy savings that free up capital for other initiatives – and improve your sustainability credentials. 

Areas of focus for Energy & Sustainability:

Energy Management, Energy Procurement, Certification Services, Sustainability Consulting, Sustainability Analytics

Building/Portfolio Health and Safety

Considering the global pandemic that we are currently in the middle of, buildings must have a healthy and safety plan for employees, vendors, and visitors. AtSite Solutions provides clients the piece of mind needed. AtSite optimizes outcomes for owners and operators of facilities and real estate through a digital platform that integrates a wide array of systems and data to provide business intelligence that drive improved outcomes including a healthier and safer environment for your teams. AtSite teams work closely with your teams to optimize building health and reassure employees, vendors, and visitors as part of your back-to-business strategy.

Areas of focus for Health and Safety:

Health and Safety Technology Recommendation and Integration, Building Controls Integration, Air Quality Sensor Design and Implementation, Video Feeds and Secure Access Point Guidance, Building Health Dashboard Implementation

Lease Administration & Accounting

In commercial real estate, lease administration and accounting has emerged to be a key strategic function to ensure portfolio optimization, cost containment and risk mitigation. AtSite Solutions has a team of dedicated Lease Administration/Accounting specialists equipped to provide clients optimum decision-making by guiding real estate teams through the practical steps and actions required to optimize real estate portfolio management and remain compliant with regulatory standards.

Areas of focus for Lease Administration and Accounting:

Lease Abstraction, Lease Data Migration, CAM reconciliation, Lease Audit, Lease Accounting Systems Integration guidance, Lease Accounting Processes and Internal Controls Audit


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